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Shabbat Services

Shabbat is the soul of Temple Ner Tamid. Singing and listening to words of Torah, Shabbat is our unique opportunity to draw closer to God and each other. Services take place in either our larger Sanctuary space or our more intimate Chapel space depending on the number of participants. Both spaces offer a calming, reflective, and personal atmosphere for prayer. 

The following are our offerings each Shabbat. Please check the calendar for any changes or updates. 

Friday Night

Erev Shabbat services begin on Friday evenings at 8pm, except for the last Shabbat of each month when we gather for Kabbalat Shabbat at 6:30pm. In the months of January and February and July and August all services are at 6:30pm. Summer services are led by members of the congregation.

Join us most weeks from anywhere for Friday Night Shabbat Services* through our YouTube Livestream!



Tot Shabbat

For families with small children, Tot services with potluck dinners on the first Friday night of each month beginning at 6 pm. Services include music, stories, and dancing. Free and open to the public. 


Potluck Dinner

One of the best ways Temple Ner Tamid creates community is through potluck dinners. When we hold a potluck dinner, we ask that people let us know what they will bring through this form

What can't I bring? Our kitchen is dairy/parve which means we do not serve meat, except from a kosher caterer during a special event. We are also a nut-sensitive community, so please do not bring anything with nuts. 

So, what can I bring? Desserts and fruit are always a favorite but never in short supply. You can bring soup, homemade breads or challah,  fish dishes, pasta dishes, grilled/roast/sauteed vegetables, grain dishes, salads with the dressing on the side, soy or wheat meat substitute dishes, or dips with chips or bread or raw vegetables.

Think about a favorite family food that is easy for you to prepare, bring, and share. At all potluck dinners TNT will have food sensitive cards provided for you that will accompany your dish and communicate basic information about the food, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, etc. Have a question about what to bring, just reach out to our office and we'll help you with some ideas!

Shabbat Morning

Before services begin, at 9am we have a host of offerings. Wake-Up Shabbat is our bi-weekly Shabbat morning gathering for Tots at 9am. This free, fun and interactive service with singing and storytelling is open to all and includes bagels and snacks. Usually held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. 

Likewise, at 9am, we have a series of spiritual offerings to get us mindfully ready to pray. These include a chanting circle that meets on the first and third Shabbat of each month and a meditation group that gathers on the 2nd Shabbat. On certain Shabbatot we will be bringing in a Yoga instructor for a more embodied practice. 

Shabbat morning worship begins at 10am and concludes by noon. This community services is where life-cycles happen (b’nei mitzvah, baby namings, aufruf blessings) and is led by our clergy.  

On the first and third Shabbat of each month, members of the congregation gather for the Casual Minyan, a wonderfully informal and participatory service with an in-depth discussion of the weekly Torah portion. Once a month, this is followed by a lunch (tisch) with learning led by Rabbi Katz. 

Consult the Calendar for any changes before attending services. 

B'nai Mitzah

Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a milestone in our journey of life. Torah (Study), Avodah (Prayer), and Gimmilut Chasadim (Acts of Lovingkindness), are stepping-stones towards the realization that it’s not the day that has the highest of importance, but the lessons we learn on the journey to get to that place. Our preparation for our journey in life does not begin nor end in the seventh grade. One might think of becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah as a rest stop, a place to share Torah and lead a group of people in prayer, as one becomes a part of a larger Jewish community.

Individual training with Rabbi Katz, Cantor Greenberg, and Cantor Assistant Ronni Pressman gives our students a unique opportunity to work closely with Jewish leaders that share the vision of the continuation of Judaism for generations to come. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah year of studies is, for us at Temple Ner Tamid, one where students and their families can feel the comfort and joy in the journey of ‘becoming’ a Bar or Bat Mitzvah more than merely marking a single-day event. 

Should you have any questions about that process, please reach out to Cantor Meredith Greenberg.

High Holy Days

The most uplifting and dramatic time in the Jewish calendar is the ten-day period encompassing the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. 

Below is the schedule of services in our main sanctuary. We have placed a star next to those services open to the public: 

*Erev Rosh Hashanah  
Rosh Hashanah, Day 1 
*Tashlich – our service in nature where we cast our misdeed into the water 
*Rosh Hashanah, Day 2 – Followed by congregational lunch 
Kol Nidre 
Yom Kippur Morning Services 
*Yizkor – our memorial service 
*Yom Kippur Afternoon Service 
*Neilah – our close to Yom Kippur 

In addition to the regular sanctuary services for these Days of Awe, there are several alternatives available for both young and not so young.  

For children, babysitting is available for children ages 1-4 and our creative “B’yachad” family service is held for adults and their children who are in grades 3-6. Services for families with very small children are held on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. Likewise, teen services and programming is available throughout the holiday.  

Learn more about High Holy Day Services.

Learn and Practice The Prayers

Erev Shabbat: Kiddush (page 5)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah Page

Erev Shabbat: L'Cha Dodi (page 20-21)

Page 20 PDF of Mishkan T'filah   Page 21 PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Erev Shabbat: L'Ha-alot Ner Tamid

PDF of Lyrics

Family Shabbat: Blessing The Shabbat Candles

PDF of Mishkah T'filah Prage

Family Shabbat: Shabbat is Here!

PDF of Lyrics

Family: Hallelu (page 339)

PDF of Mishkah T'filah Page

Family: Sh'Ma

PDF of Miskkan T'filah Page

Shabbat Shacharit: Ahava Rabba (page 198)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Aliyah Torah Opening Blessing (page 250)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shachrit: Aliyah Torah Closing Blessing (page 250)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Ashreu (page 185-186)

Page 185 PDF of Mishkan T'filah  Page 186 PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Chatzi Kaddish (page 194-195)

Page 194 PDF of Mishkan T'filah  Page 195 PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: El Adon (page 196-197)

Page 196 PDF of Mishkan T'filah  Page 197 PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Haftarah Blessing - Before (page 254)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Haftarah Blessing - After (page 254)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Torah Service (page 244-248)

Page 244 PDF of Mishkan T'filah  Page 246 PDF of Mishkan T'filah  Page 248 PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Yotzer Or (page 195)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat Shacharit: Baruch Sheamar


Shabbat Shacharit: Eli Adon


Shabbat Shacharit: Eilu D'Varim


Shabbat Shacharit: Hal'Luyah


Shabbat Shacharit: Mizmor Shirl'Yom Hasahabbat


Shabbat Shacharit: Vhaeir Eineninu


Shabbat: Adonai S'Fatai Tiftach (page 205)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: Aleinu (page 282-287)

Page 282 PDF of Mishkan T'filah  Page 287 PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: Avot V'Imahot (page 206)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: Barchu (page 195)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: G'Vurot (page 207)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: V'Ahavta Paragraph 1 (page 201)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: V'Ahavta Paragraph 2 (page 202)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Shabbat: V'Ahavta Paragraph 3 (page 202)

PDF of Mishkan T'filah

Tot Shabbat: Ma Nish Ma? (How Are You?)


Shabbat: Sim Shalom


Tot Shabbat: There's A Dinosaur


Tot Shabbat: This Shabbat Light Candle Blessing


PDF of the Mourner's Kadish


  • Celia Zeisel for Edith Petshaft
  • Estate of Leila Goodman for father, Joseph Ebner
  • Linda Gates for Grandmother, Pauline Forman
  • Rachel Hertzman for father, James Hertzman
  • Stuart Lefkowitz for father, Harry Lefkowitz
  • Suzette Unger for Grandfather, Irving Namm
  • Temple Bima Announcements for Leo Steinbach


  • Cynthia Kaplan Rooney for father, Jacob Kaplan
  • Diana Friedland for mother, Blanche Bianco
  • Jodi Paroff for Grandmother, Lillian Paroff Feinstein
  • Lee Guest Moore for uncle, Jerry Gershenoff
  • Stephen Rooney for brother-in-law, Stephen F. Markstein

Friday 16 Shevat

  • Beryl Leffler for uncle, Sol Gerson
  • Daniel London for grandmother, Sylvia Wittlin
  • Lisa Falcone for mother, Gloria Rettig
  • Marcia Kramer for brother-in-law, Leonard Zombek
  • Michael Reitman for father, Leo Reitman
  • Sherri Neuwirth for Mother, Minnie Neuwirth
  • Shirley Cobert for brother, Edwin Margolius
  • Temple Bima Announcements for Frank Stone
  • Temple Bima Announcements for Isidore Meshover


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