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Shoresh Preschool is a play-based program that focuses on specific educational objectives for each age group. This means our classrooms all have various stations and the children are allowed to self-dictate parts of their day and what they will be interacting with. The development of social and emotional skills are at the forefront of our school as our teachers work hard to create an atmosphere of discovery, exploration and appropriate risk-taking. Academics are woven into our students learning as integrated activities within various play themes: nature, seasons, Jewish traditions, STEM, puzzles, movement, and athletics.

We welcome children of all religions, races, and family styles. Our student body comes from Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Montclair and surrounding communities attending our program. Individualized attention and the ability to provide a nurturing safe environment is made possible by our small class sizes and low teacher /student ratio. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers and assistants love what they do and understand the developmental needs of the children they teach. This allows each child to develop at their own rate in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Our preschool classes begin at age 2 and continue through age 5.  Our curriculum is play based. It is through play that children strengthen and develop their social emotional skills, which is essential for learning. It is through play that children develop early literacy skills, number concepts and cognitive skills, in a warm and nurturing setting. The curriculum also includes art, music, movement, cooking, science and nature. Children learn best through play and exploration of their environment. Through hands-on learning experiences the children become active, curious and creative learners. Judaism is integrated throughout our program. We celebrate the Jewish holidays and we come together as a school on Fridays to celebrate Shabbat. We encourage the development of a positive Jewish identity and Jewish values, helping others. We are inclusive and welcoming of children in all faiths and backgrounds in our program. 

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Shoresh offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of our families. We offer extended morning hours for working parents as well as after-school hours. Our afternoon enrichment classes offer you the option of a longer school day with a different enrichment class each day of the week for our three’s and four’s.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the whole child. We ensure that the children experience a balance in scheduling, which includes independent play, group activities and quiet time. The classrooms are set up with different centers to give the children the opportunity to choose their play area. Some of their choices include dramatic play, painting at the easel, book corner, blocks, manipulatives, playdoh, and a writing and coloring table. As the children experience these different centers, they are working on so many important skills. They are learning how to use their imaginations, express ideas, cooperate with others, make decisions, develop hand-eye coordination, improve their fine motor skills, and become problem solvers.

Shoresh Preschool Offers:

  • Full and part-time classes for 2, 3 & 4 year olds
  • Afternoon enrichment programs
  • Early Breakfast Club
  • Afternoon Kids Club
  • Shabbat and holiday celebrations for children and parents
  • Weekly athletics, cooking, Israeli dancing, art, and STEM specialist (for the 3's and 4's program)
  • Weekly music specialist for all ages
  • Affordable rates and flexible payment plans
  • Summer Camp program


Shoresh Preschool features a first-rate facility designed to allow learning through play and exploration. Bright, cheerful colors are present in classrooms and hallways, with bulletin boards displaying children artwork of current lessons and seasonal celebrations.

Our outdoor playground features a large-sized jungle gym, playhouse, sand box and creative climbing equipment. Inside, students enjoy a fully equipped play area, filled with age-appropriate toys, riding equipment and much more.

Shoresh Preschool boasts a state-of-the-art building security system which provides each family with a special code for facility access during school hours. Please call the preschool office for more information or to arrange a private tour of our facilities.





What Parents Are Saying

"Shoresh is hands down the most loving and nurturing environment for children we have found- including what we had in Brooklyn. Our eldest (5) and youngest (2) both have attended. Our eldest entered Kindergarten with all the skills necessary to adjust to the public school environment. They are amazing at teaching developmentally appropriate material in a way the children want to learn, through ample time to play. The Director, Wendy, is very involved in the children's day and is incredibly available to parents. They host a number of community gathering events so we feel connected even beyond the school to our larger community. And we are not Jewish, and have never felt like we needed to be in order to be fully connected. It's an incredibly inclusive environment which makes us want to be even more involved. Our girls have loved it here. As parents, we have loved everything about it as well." - Suzy G.

"I love this preschool! The teachers are loving and engaging.  We are now about to start our 4th child at Shoresh and I can't imagine sending her anywhere else. I always felt supported and listened to as a new mom and now I feel valued as I've learned so much along the way.  I wish that I could attend Shoresh!" - Allison G.

See more reviews on our Yelp! page. 

Important Documents

Current COVID Policies As Of 1.7.2022

Shoresh has adopted a hybrid of the CDC's recommended 5-day isolation period and test-to-stay (for vaccinated staff and students) policies to remain open and available to as many people as possible while staying as safe as is reasonable.  If your child has tested positive in the last 90 days, they do not need to isolate after exposure or travel. 

If your child tests positive on a rapid or PCR, they are required to isolate for 5 days from the positive test (date the sample was taken). On the 6th morning or the next morning they return to school, if they test negative on a rapid test and are no longer experiencing symptoms, they can come to school. In the event your child tests positive on the rapid test on the 6th morning, they will need to isolate for another 5 days to ensure they are no longer contagious. 

If a teacher has a close contact but remains asymptomatic, daily morning rapid tests are required for 5 days following the exposure. If a teacher tests positive, the 5-day isolation with a negative test on the 6th and 7th morning is required as long as they are no longer experiencing symptoms.

In regards to travel, unvaccinated child will need to follow the same protocol as if they had a close contact - 5-day isolation with a negative rapid on the morning of the 6th day or the first day they return to school. Teachers and vaccinated children who do not display any symptoms, can take rapid tests for the first five mornings after returning home and can attend school for those 5 days. If you wish to not test your child every morning, you can isolate for 7 days with one PCR test on day 3-5. They can return to school after a negative PCR test is received OR on the 8th day with a morning rapid test.

We know these policies often change as new guidance comes out and we do our best to balance providing necessary childcare and keeping our unvaccinated population safe. It is important that you be in touch with us when you have any of these situations so we can approve the specific approach for your situation. 

Thank you all for your flexibility and understanding!

If your child tests positive, here are some quick turnaround PCR testing options:

Clinical Laboratory of New Jersey
Adams Diagnostic Lab
Free At-Home Mail-In Testing in NJ (requires a child to be able to spit a large amount into a tube)

PJ Library

PJ Library is a free program that mails your child a wonderful, age-appropriate Jewish children’s book or CD every month. PJ Library is available to any family raising Jewish children from 6 months through 8 years old, whether affiliated, unaffiliated, interfaith, or non-traditional.

PJ Library in Greater MetroWest NJ is more than just the books! Once you subscribe you’ll be in the loop on all the Jewish holiday celebrations, mitzvah activities, and special programs we host throughout the year. You’ll also have access to our constantly updated JFamily Calendar and receive our monthly e-newsletter filled with information on family events and resources throughout the Greater MetroWest NJ area. Events are open to all and are a great way to connect with other families.

Children with special needs who are older than 7 who would benefit from our books are also welcome to receive a PJ Library subscription. Call (973) 929-3128 to enroll.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for PJ Library today.

We know you’ll look forward to receiving your monthly PJ Library surprise as much as your kids do! And don’t forget to tell all your friends.

PJ Library in Greater MetroWest is a gift from our lead donors Maxine and Ted z” l Murnick, Paula and Jerry Gottesman Family Supporting Foundation and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.






Shoresh Leadership

Michelle W. Malkin
Interim Director for
Shoresh Preschool
973-338-1500 ext. 120

Marie Dieterle
Assistant Director
973-338-1500 ext. 116
Debbie Kravitz
Vice President for Shoresh Preschool
Shara Miller
Samantha Nowak
Meredith Levine
Shoresh Parent Committee
Morah Susan
Preschool Assistant
Morah Cindy
Preschool Assistant

2's Teachers

Morah Pam
Lead Teacher

Morah Pamela
Lead Teacher
Morah Jenna
Lead Teacher


Morah Holli
Assistant Teacher


Morah Susan
Assistant Teacher


Morah Dom
Assistant Teacher

3's Teachers


Morah Janeth
Lead Teacher


Morah Cynthia
Lead Teacher


Morah Danielle
Lead Teacher


Morah Melissa
Assistant Teacher


Morah Roxanne
Assistant Teacher


Morah Val
Assistant Teacher


Morah Cathy
Lead Teacher




Morah Sandy
Assistant Teacher



4's Teachers


Morah Sue
Lead Teacher


Morah Maria
 Lead Teacher


Morah Kate
 Lead Teacher


Morah Hilda
Assistant Teacher


Morah Danielle
Assistant Teacher


Morah Toni
Assistant Teacher

Shoresh Summer Fun Camp

The benefits of socializing, exercising, playing, and learning are instrumental to your child's development.

Our priority is to provide fun and exciting programming in the safest and most effective way possible. While we will be spending most of the time outdoors, indoors aspects include daily arrival, rainy day activities, table time activities, lunch, and dismissal.

Indoor camp activities will follow all safety protocols and be held in our upstairs classrooms, large recreational space (bike room), and our social hall. When outdoors, we will have full use of our large covered playground (minus our playhouse and sandbox), our expansive lawn area for water fun, our nature log circle, and our tented courtyard.

We aim to be the safest possible place for your children to be outside of their home while having the most fun with peers.

You can look forward to:
  • 4 Weeks of Safe Summer Themed Fun
  • Low Ratio of Children to Teachers: Maximum 10:2
  • Outdoor Play:
    • Splash Mats and Sprinklers
    • Soccer, Kickball, T-ball
    • Relay Races
    • Shaded Playground
    • Movement
  • Indoor Play: 
    • Bikes and Scooters
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Manipulatives and Toys
    • Storytelling/Books

Review Shoresh Summer Fun Camp's Guidelines and Safety Protocols

Register for Shoresh Summer Fun Camp 2021!!

Questions? Reach out to our Shoresh Preschool Director, Wendy Blum, at or 973-338-1500 ext. 120


Shoresh Preschool

Strong Roots. Thriving Children.

Fri, January 21 2022 19 Shevat 5782