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Below is a brief description of many of the programs happening and groups that meet annually or on an ongoing basis at Temple Ner Tamid. Check our Calendar for up to date information on dates and times of program. If you are not yet a member, please contact our office to inquire about attending an event - 973-338-1500 or

Artist In Residence 

Each year our community celebrates Shabbat Shira, the Shabbat where we experience again our passage from narrowness to freedom, by elevating the place of music and the creative arts. Past guest artists have included Ben Sidran, Nefesh Mountain, Billy Jonas, Lisa Gutkin, the Stonewall Choral, and many more…. It is an amazing Shabbat experience not to be missed. Check our calendar for this January event.

Board Game Night

All ages are welcome to join us for a social group for anyone who is looking for a fun get together filled with laughter and friends and games. The TNT Board Game Night gathers on the second Thursday of each month from 6pm-8pm at the Temple.

If you love board games, are looking to learn some new games, or are curious and interested in learning about what a game night looks like, please join us! 

Caregiving Aging Parents

Our TNT adult community offers support for those caring for their parents, whether nearby or at a distance. Our monthly gatherings focus on insightful themes, including:

  • Navigating options for the ideal living situation for aging parents
  • Balancing the delicate dynamic between safety and autonomy
  • Providing compassionate care for parents with dementia
  • Tips and strategies for ensuring home safety and preventing falls
  • Guidance on hiring home health aides


The Interfaith Choir meets multiple times a year when our community joins with members of the wider Bloomfield, Glenridge, Montclair area to sing at communal events such as Holocaust Memorial Service, Thanksgiving Service, Martin Luther King Day Service, and others.

Each high holy days season our Temple Ner Tamid High Holidays Choir is featured throughout our main service and helps in creating a warm and welcoming way to participate for the whole community. Music is rehearsed for several weeks leading up to the start of the fall holidays. Led by Edward Alstrom and Cantor Greenberg.

Everyone in our community is always welcome to use their voices to bring out the light inside of them. We have several opportunities to come together in song each month.

Deep Listening Group

Karen Frank, TNT’s congregational nurse, has long been facilitating "Listening Groups." These gatherings foster an intimate environment where individuals explore the art of contemplative and non-judgmental listening, cultivating a sense of pure presence. After experiencing this together, participants will find practical applications for these learned skills in their daily lives. The commitment is straightforward: a 2-hour, in-person group meeting once a month, alongside daily practice of the newly acquired skills.

To bring this enriching experience into your life and contribute to fostering spiritual companionship at TNT, please reach out!

Film Festival

Our TNT film festival explores a yearly theme through the medium of cinema. Past topics have included immigration, Israel, and Broadway. Beginning with a short documentary on Friday night after services, our program climaxes on Saturday night with a large dinner and movie program following Havdalah.

Grandparents Group

Our inclusive group is tailored for all grandparents seeking to enhance their roles. Engage in monthly discussions exploring various themes and topics, aiming to empower us in our grandparenting journey:

  • Navigating conflicts between parental and grandparental values
  • Supporting grandchildren with special needs
  • Insights into blended families and step-grandparenting dynamics
  • Understanding and embracing the experiences of a non-binary grandchild
  • Overcoming challenges of long-distance grandparenting
  • Embracing the dynamics of interfaith families

We welcome all grandparents to join us for enriching conversations and shared experiences.

Jewish Yoga

Embracing the numerous members dedicated to yoga, this group aims to intertwine Jewish traditions with the Eastern practice, harmonizing one's Jewish identity and values within their physical yoga journey. Participants will convene to explore the intersections of yoga and Judaism while engaging in collaborative practice sessions.


Temple Ner Tamid regularly offers various opportunities beyond standard learning groups for practicing mindfulness. Cantor Meredith Greenberg leads chanting and drum circle sessions, guiding our members toward deeper communal stillness. Additionally, throughout the year, we host a Jewish yoga experience facilitated by an experienced instructor.

Mishloach Manot

Be part of our community's Purim celebration by joining us in sponsoring gift baskets exchanged among each other. These traditional baskets, known as Mishloach Manot, are customarily shared with friends and family during Purim. This practice stems from the Book of Esther, aiming to ensure everyone has plenty of food for the festive Purim meal and to foster greater bonds of love and friendship among Jews and their neighbors.

Our community-wide Purim basket fundraiser involves selecting the items, assembling these delightful baskets, and distributing them to all Temple members, Shoresh families, and dedicated staff members. Join us in spreading joy and camaraderie during this festive occasion!

Purim Spiel

One of TNT's most exciting community events is our annual Purim Spiel!

A tradition spanning over 25 years, temple members work months and months on creating an original production including hilarious song parodies and an often satirical, but always fun, re-telling of the story of our heroic Queen Esther, the brave Uncle Mordechai, and the evil Haman.

The TNT Purim Spiel involves over 40 congregants including adults and kids of all ages. The Spielers are always looking for performers willing to get out there and sing, dance and have fun. New members are encouraged to get involved!


The TNT Ramblers are a Temple folk band open to any/all congregants who care to join in and play for our beloved TNT community. The band performs at most Temple community events including the Welcome Back BBQ, Holiday Pop-Up Market, Membership Shabbat, and others!

This band has also played for the local food pantry and other community events around town. Grab your instrument and come jam with us!

Scholar In Residence

Each year our congregation brings in a scholar of note to teach us throughout a weekend. These scholars ranging from historians to cultural icons to teachers of Torah. Last year, thanks to the generosity of Tamar Weiss, we were able to learn from Rabbi Jonathan Crane, Emory professors and foremost Jewish ethicists. This year, thanks to the generosity of Steve and Vicki Fox we will learn from Rabbi Leon Morris, President of Pardes in Jerusalem. Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 2nd!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient art…movement…exercise…meditation and fun way to enhance health. Tai Chi originated over 2000 years ago and has often been attributed to Lao Tzo to whom the book Tao Te Ching is attributed.

Tai Chi is a form of movement that enhances balance and increases mobility.

The instructors Irene Sherman, Ray Wolfson, along with assistant instructor, Linda Gross have had extensive training and practice in these arts. As Tai Chi practitioners we find that we continue to grow in this art through both teaching and practicing.

Classes are fun and nonjudgmental. As with other practices Tai Chi does takes time and effort to learn and benefit. We look forward to sharing our work with you.

Teen Collective

Temple Ner Tamid provides a vibrant and diverse program for its 8th-12th grade through TNT Teens. Offering a range of programming, including cultural events, social action, Israel-focused activities, and more, is a great way to engage teens and provide them with a well-rounded experience. 

We are always looking for teens to get involved in planning, organizing, and supporting TNT Teens. TNT Teens is a great way to foster leadership skills and community involvement. Providing opportunities for teens to actively participate in shaping their own experiences can contribute to a more meaningful and enjoyable time within the temple community.

Shabbat Band

The Temple Ner Tamid Kabbalat Shabbat Band enlivens our Friday night Tefilla each month.

Play an instrument and want to join the band? Reach out to Cantor Greenberg to find out how! 

Speaker Series

The Temple Talks Speaker Series at Temple Ner Tamid of Bloomfield. Each evening is hosted by Rabbi Marc Katz and moderated by a nationally known Journalist.  The objective of the series is to engage our audience with discussions by current leaders on current issues that impact all communities.

Watch Previous Speakers Here: Temple Ner Tamid Speak Series Playlist

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