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Below is a brief description of many of the programs happening annually or on an ongoing basis at Temple Ner Tamid. Check our Calendar for up to date information on dates and times of program. If you are not yet a member, please contact our office to inquire about attending an event - 973-338-1500 or


On a regular basis, Temple Ner Tamid provides many opportunities outside of regular learning cohorts to practice mindfulness. Cantor Meredith Greenberg offers chanting and drum circle experiences to assist our member in finding deeper stillness in community. Throughout the year, we also offer a Jewish yoga experience with a seasoned teacher. 

Artist In Residence 

Each year our community celebrates Shabbat Shira, the Shabbat where we experience again our passage from narrowness to freedom, by elevating the place of music and the creative arts. Past guest artists have included Ben Sidran, Nefesh Mountain, Billy Jonas, Lisa Gutkin, the Stonewall Choral, and many more…. It is an amazing Shabbat experience not to be missed. For this year’s schedule of events please contact Laurie Schifano

Scholar In Residence

Each year our congregation brings in a scholar of note to teach us throughout a weekend. These scholars ranging from historians to cultural icons to teachers of Torah. Last year, thanks to the generosity of Tamar Weiss, we were able to learn from Rabbi Jonathan Crane, Emory professors and foremost Jewish ethicists. This year, thanks to the generosity of Steve and Vicki Fox we will learn from Rabbi Leon Morris, President of Pardes in Jerusalem. Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 2nd!

TNT Film Festival

Our TNT film festival explores a yearly theme through the medium of cinema. Past topics have included immigration and Israel. Beginning with a short documentary on Friday night after services, our program climaxes on Saturday night with a large dinner and movie program following Havdallah. 

The 2021 Laugh Out Loud Film Festival included screenings of: Land of Milk and Funny, If You're Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast, and A Really Lapsed Catholic.

The 2020 Film Festival included secreenings of: 

Montclair Israeli Dance Project

Israeli folk dancing is a form of dance usually performed to songs in Hebrew, or to other songs which have been popular in Israel, with dances choreographed for specific songs. Israeli dances include circle, partner, line, and individual dances. As almost all dances are intentionally choreographed, and the choreographers are known and attributed. The recent trend of dances becoming much more complex and "professional" has led some to use the alternative term "Recreational Israeli Dancing". See more about Israeli Dancing and Israeli Dancing Choreographers

All are welcome at for Israeli Dancing through the Montclair Israeli Dance Project on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Bnai Keshet, 99 S. Fullerton Avenue, Montclair. The cost is $10 per session. For more information, contact Craig Levine.

Tue, September 26 2023 11 Tishrei 5784