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Mission Statement

At Temple Ner Tamid, we strive to unite family, synagogue and school to develop in members of all ages an enduring Jewish Identity and a life-long love of Jewish learning. 

By offering opportunities for group learning and innovative experiential education, the Temple seeks to impart the fundamental skills of Jewish living and ritual; an understanding of Jewish history and values; a love of Torah and Israel; a familiarity with the Hebrew language and our liturgy; and a passion for Jewish life that finds fulfillment in the spiritual and belonging to the community. 

Our families have arrived from many different backgrounds. Together we strive to foster the development of individuals and families who identify with Israel and the Jewish people, and who pursue social justice and the improvement of our world as individuals and through community action. Our educational programs are designed to help congregants of all generations discover their own personally meaningful path through Jewish life; and find support, strength and identity not only in family, but in the larger communities of synagogue, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Curriculum Focus

Our program focuses on the following core Jewish values and ideals:

  • Jewish Values (Middot)
    • Principles that promote personal and communal health, wellness, strength and resilience
  • Study (Talmud Torah)
    • Relevance of Torah to our lives, our past and our future
  • Responsibility (Derech Eretz/Tikkun Olam)
    • Respect for others
    • Responsibility for one’s actions
    • Involvement in repairing the world
  • Spirtuality (Tefillah)
    • Familiarity with Jewish liturgy
    • Opportunity for personal spiritual exploration
  • Hebrew (Ivrit)
    • Hebrew, the original language of our sacred texts and prayers, links Jews together
    • Competency in Hebrew decoding
    • Finding personal meaning in tefillot
  • Sacred Time (Z’man Kodesh)
    • Understanding of themes, rituals and history of Jewish festivals
    • Integration of Jewish life cycle events into one’s own life
  • Identity (Am & Medinat Yisrael)
    • Sense of connection to Israel and the Jewish people

Jewish Family Journeys

Jewish Family Journeys is program that provides an alternative to Jewish education for families with children in Kindergarten. The program was started in September 2010 in response to the needs of many of our younger Temple families. Jewish Family Journeys takes us beyond the typical synagogue based family education programming and provides a unique learning and social experience for those involved.

JFJ families create a small community within the larger temple community that studies, celebrates holidays and socializes together. Participating families help design the curriculum and any supplementary programming that is done. Last, Jewish Family Journeys takes place during regular religious school hours which enables families to participate while their other children are in also in class.

Religious School Staff

Meredith Lubin
Director of Youth and Family Education
ext. 118

Maribel Leon
Religious School Administrator
MLeon {at}
ext. 112

Erin Ackerman
VP of Education
Nami Ratki
Hebrew Coordinator
Hebrew Teacher
Michele Lainof
Youth Group Advisor
Grade 7 Teacher
Tova Felder
Madrichim Coordinator
Hebrew Teacher
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