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This page will provide you with tips and resources to navigate our livestream services and Zoom gatherings!

If you have any issues, contact our office at 973-338-1500 or 

Zoom Meetings

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

Temple Ner Tamid is using this platform to keep our community connected by offering classes, discussions, and some of our regular Jewish services (Tot Shabbat, Religious School T'filah, Havdalah, and more). Below you will find tips on how to use this platform to stay connected to your TNT community in this time of social distancing.

There is no need to make a zoom account to join any of our programs - simply join a few minutes before the meeting to download the extension as describe in the video below. 

This video is helpful in showing you how to join a zoom meeting: 

While on a zoom call, you have a control panel at the bottom of your screen. To get it to appear just move your mouse anywhere in the zoom window and the options will appear at the bottom of the zoom screen.

You can mute or unmute yourself by clicking once on the microphone icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and turn on and off your video by clicking once on the video icon. 

If you see a red slash through the microphone and video icons, you are muted and your video is off. You can be muted with your video on or unmuted with your video off. 

No red line indicates that your audio and video are on. You can see if your voice is being picked up if there is a green bar moving up and down with your voice inside the microphone icon.

If participants cannot see or hear you and there is no red slash, check your settings to make sure you are connected to the correct microphone and camera on your computer by selecting the up arrow next to the microphone and video. You can also test your speaker and microphone in the options next to the microphone option.


There are two different ways to view the other participants. The control is in the upper right side of the zoom screen. Speaker View will show the person who is speaking as a larger screen and Gallery View will show many participants at once. The same button will take you between these two views. 

Another great function of zoom is the ability to chat with other participants. When you select the "chat" button in your control panel a window will show up on the right side of your screen. You can either send a message to everyone in the meeting or you can select the down arrow next to the word "Everyone" to see a list of participants if you wish to send a private message to another participant - it will say (private) in red next to their name. This private message will only be seeing by you and the person you sent the message to. 




If you need to leave the meeting before the host ends the meeting, simply select the red "Leave Meeting" option to the right of your control panel. 



Livestreaming is when we record and share Shabbat Services that are happening at the temple or on a Zoom webinar, live as it is happening. Although you can comment on the Live video, you are not able to share your video or audio like you can on Zoom. This one-way broadcast allows both the Rabbi and Cantor to be together at the temple leading the community in services, viewable from your home. 

We are livestreaming our Erev Shabbat and Saturday Morning Shabbat services on two different platforms. 

Our YouTube channel is the easiest platform to access the livestream.

- You can either search for Temple Ner Tamid or click this link to get to our channel.

- Once there, the first video you see will have the word LIVE on the bottom right side of the video.

- When you click once on the video icon, it will open the video in a separate window.

- If the livestream has not started, it will show how long until it begins.

- If the livestream has started, you will see and hear the Rabbi and Cantor beginning the service. If enabled, you can share your thoughts in the chat box to the right of the video. If you do not see the box, it is not enabled. 

Facebook Live is the other platform we livestream to: 

- Go to and search for Temple Ner Tamid. The first option will say "Page", that is our public page where we stream our services. You can also follow this link to the page

- Once there, select "Videos" or "Live Vides" on the left hand side and the first video to show up will have a red box that says LIVE and you should see the image moving. Click on that video and the video will appear in its own window. 







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