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We are overjoyed to let you know that our Words of Wisdom program is back. What is Words of Wisdom? Here are TNT, we believe that the classroom should not be the only place of Jewish discovery. For this reason, a number of years ago, we launched our flagship at-home family learning program, Words of Wisdom, which aims to be a companion to our in-person Religious School experience.
This year, the theme of the program will be learning about the diversity of the Jewish world. Every two weeks or so, families will have the opportunity to learn about a Jewish community they may not know about. It may be the history and culture of Jews from Ethiopia, Iran, or Yemen. We will also include some holidays lessons so you can learn how Passover or Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews from around the world. Each at-home lesson will include something to read or watch and a few discussion questions. Some will also include an optional cultural project, using art, music, or cooking to further re-enforce the lesson.
As in the past, this program is not required but heavily encouraged. Sunday Judaic Studies teachers in Grades 3 thru 6 will keep track of who has completed the lessons, and we will have a special gathering at the end of the year to celebrate your efforts.
Below you will find the list of topics and links to all WOW lessons.
Due Topic Lesson Links
Nov 14  Lesson 1 - Introduction: Wherever you go there’s always someone Jewish Wherever You Go
Nov 28 Lesson 2 - Jews of Ethiopia Jewish Sigd Festival
Dec 5 Lesson 3 - Hanukkah Around the World Hanukkah Blessings
Algerian Candle Lighting Blessing
Sephardic Candle Lighting Blessing
Dec 19 Lesson 4 - Jews of Uganda Kulanu Abayudaya Slideshow
Abayudaya Hinei Ma Tov
A Snapshot of the Abayudaya
Jan 9 Lesson 5 - Jews of India Liora Itzhak - Ma'ale Ma'aleh
Liora Itzhak - Mala Mala
Jan 23 Lesson 6 - Jews of China Lunar New Year
Feb 6 Lesson 7 - Jews of Iran
Feb 13
Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean
Feb 27 Lesson 9 - Jews of Brazil Rabbi Kulwin on Jews of Brazil
Mar 13 Lesson 10 - Purim around the world Purim Customs and Rituals
Purim Foods Around the World
Purim Traditions Around the World
Mar 27 Lesson 11 - Yemenite Jews Jews of Yemen
Apr 3 Lesson 12 - Israel as a meeting ground for all Jews None
Apr 10 Lesson 13 - Passover around the world
Passover: Customs and Rituals
Passover Customs around the Globe
May 1 Lesson 14 - What did you learn from Words of Wisdom? None






Tue, October 4 2022 9 Tishrei 5783