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Islamic-Jewish Dialogue Shabbat


Join us on Friday night, April 29 at 6:30 pm for our inaugural dialogue with members of the Islamic "Peace Islands Institute". With a goal of creating more understanding and building bridges between people of different faiths, Temple Ner Tamid, in collaboration with Peace Islands Institute, is hosting an Interfaith Friendship Shabbat service and dinner.

We will begin the evening with a special interfaith Shabbat service and will immediately follow that with a presentation from the PII. Nuray Yurt, Director of Interfaith Center, will deliver the remarks on behalf of PII along with an 8-minute video presentation that explains the activities of the Peace Islands Institute.

Yom HaShoah Memorial Service

Thursday, May 5 at 7:00 p.m. ~ First Congregational Church, 40 S. Fullerton Street, Montclair

Please join with us for a service of music, readings, and prayer, with a presentation by special guest speaker, Fred Heyman, Holocaust Survivor, at First Congregational Church, 40 S. Fullerton Street, Montclair. 

There will be a reading of the names of those lost in the Shoah at Bnai Keshet, 99 S. Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, from 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4, and continuing until approximately midnight. We will resume reading names at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 5, and continuing until the Community Interfaith Service at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday at First Congregational Church.

Anyone in the community wishing to be a reader of names is encouraged to sign up here.

This service is sponsored by the Montclair Clergy Association.

Congregational Meeting: A Celebration of Us

Thursday, May 26 at 7:00pm

Please save the date for our annual meeting where we share the latest hot topics, introduce the new slate of trustees and officers, and pass the budget for the coming fiscal year starting on June 1. As a stakeholder in this community, your vote and your voice matter! Of course a nosh will follow.  

An Evening of Duets with Cantor Meredith Greenberg & Leora Perlman

Sunday, June 5 at 7:00 p.m.

An Evening of Duets featuring Cantor Meredith Greenberg & Leora Perlman, with Rohan DeSilva on piano, will take place on Sunday evening, June 5 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Shoshana Bass and Yoel Borgenicht in Montclair, NJ.

Tickets are $72 per person. Benefactors are $360 and include two reserved seating concert tickets and a 6:00 p.m. pre-concert light dinner reception with the artists. 

All proceeds to benefit the Academy for Jewish Religion. 

For reservations and information please visit www.ajrsem.org or call 914-709-0900.

Mishkan Hanefesh

We are changing prayer books for the High Holy Days. After 36 years of using "Gates of Repentance" our clergy, your Religious Living Committee, and the Board of Trustees have decided to enrich our worship experience by moving to the Reform Movement's newly published, two-volume set, Mishkan Hanefesh.

We will need a minimum of 700 sets - 1 book for Rosh Hashanah and 1 book for Yom Kippur.

We have received a donation from one generous congregant for 200 sets and last year's Confirmation Class has donated an additional 50 sets. We are hoping to raise money for an additional 450 sets in one of two ways:

  • Each Ner Tamid family purchasing one set for $36 (discounted price)
  • Larger donations of multiple volumes from individual Ner Tamid congregants and groups. In each case a bookplate with your name/family name or the name of a loved one will be placed ina  set/s of machzors. 

We would like to raise the remaining funds with such voluntary donations. If we can do so within the next two months we will be eligible for the discounted rate.

We encourage you all to participate in this important fundraising effort by sending in your order form to the Temple office.

If you have any questions you can contact Laurie Schifano at lschifano@nertamid.org or Fred Pressman at fpressman7@me.com.

The Free Community-Wide Swap at Hillside School

The Free Community-Wide Swap at Hillside School, founded and run by TNT member Jane Marcus, is coming up. Past swaps have received thousands of donations of clothing, footwear, sports equipment, baby equipment, books, DVD’s, videos and more. And hundreds of people have come from Montclair and the surrounding towns and taken these items, all for free. The swaps are a win-win situation, with donors glad to have somewhere to bring their unwanted items, and with those taking the items thrilled to find things for themselves and their family at no cost. 

Donations, and volunteers are always needed. Donations can be dropped off at the Hillside School gym at 54 Orange Road, Montclair, from 4-6:30 on Friday, April 29th. If you are able to volunteer to help with the swap or for more  information, please contact Jane at janeson094@aol.com.

This event furthers our goals to protect the environment (keep it out of landfills!) as well as support those without means to buy it all new. 

Tikkun Olam Volunteers - We Need You!

We need your help. We have a variety of Tikkun Olam projects, but not enough volunteers to man them all. Depending on what’s your passion we have a volunteer opportunity that’s just right for you. But, if by chance you don't see that one special project that tickles your fancy, we want to hear where you want to help “repair the world.” 

Here's the list of our current opportunities waiting for your special touch:

  • Bloomfield Café – Soup kitchen partnering with United Park Methodist Church (monthly)
  • Brookdale Shoprite – Collecting food donated for the Human Needs Food Pantry (monthly)
  • Blood Drive – Donate blood (semi-annually)
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network – House homeless families; parents and children, in need of shelter (1 week a year)
  • Christmas Holiday Hospital Assistance Program – Relieve hospital staffs who celebrates Christmas (Christmas Eve and day)
  • Temple Rummage Sale – Setup and sell donated clothes and household items (annually)
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Network – Assist elderly and infirm Bloomfield residents with simple home repair and cleanup (a couple of weekend days)

Any of these projects require just a couple of hours of your time, and you're never going to be doing them by yourself. It's a great opportunity for families who want to experience community service together, for students looking for mitzvah projects, or for congregants wanting to get to know one another a little better while enjoying a rich rewarding experience. The work isn't hard. You might be tired at the end of the day, but you'll feel great about what you've just accomplished. 

Maybe you're looking for a broader social action opportunity. You want to be involved in an activity that can change the future of a larger constituency which might not necessarily be local. If this is the case contact Lori Price Abrams, VP Tikkun Olam, loripriceabrams@gmail.com to discuss your idea. Get involved! Be a Tikkun Olam volunteer and help “repair the world.” Click here to download your volunteer form today!

Bloomfield Café Feeds the Hungry

Once again Ner Tamid’s members and friends have dedicated their time and effort in helping those less fortunate.  Since the middle of this past summer we have been preparing food for our homeless Bloomfield and Montclair neighbors. On the fourth Sunday of each month we use Park United Methodist Church of Bloomfield’s facility to prepare and serve 40 homeless guests a complete hot nutrient meal which might be the only meal they have had in some time. Food insecurity is something most of us only read about, but for these men, women, and children we feed each month is an ongoing reality they face every day. We could certainly use your help next month on Sunday, May 28 when we will again be serving another hot meal.

This past Sunday, April 24, the Bloomfield Café, that's the name we’ve given ourselves, served over 40 guests a nutrient meal. Ner Tamid Master Chef’s, Seth Wolfson and Becky Goldstein, prepared a meal of beef and tofu tacos, black beans, seasoned rice, salad, and a homemade strawberry crumble. All the dishes were Kosher for Pesach with the irony that the strawberries for the crumble came from Egypt. Helping the chefs prepare the meal were Irene Sherman, Ray Wolfson, Fred Pressman, Rayna Cole, and Sarah Cole. Our chefs couldn't have done this alone without another set of volunteers; Keith Grabowsky, Christie Ifizarry, Susan and Lany Katz, Peter Della Bella, Kim Adler, Egan Adler, Temma Adler, Mitch Okun, Lennon Okun, Morty Bernstein (out master dishwasher), and Ron Jacobs for setting up the dining room, serving the meal, and then cleaning up the dining room and kitchen.

You don't have to be a master chef to volunteer. You can help set up and serve. At the end of the day you’ll feel something very special in helping others. Be a joiner. We'd love to see some new faces. You're only volunteering for a couple of hours of work. Our next Bloomfield Café is Sunday, May 28, we hope to see you there.

Please contact Sharyn Mandell sharynknows@aol.com with any questions or to add your name to the list of volunteer to help.

ShopRite Food Collection

For over more than two years Ner Tamid volunteers in partnership with Brookdale Shoprite collect food donations to help stock the shelves of the Human Needs Food Pantry. This food helps our neighbors who don’t, on a daily basis, have enough to eat. Brookdale Shoprite shoppers’ donations help the elderly, the disabled, the home-bound, the unemployed, and the underemployed working poor meet their family’s food needs. 

So how do we do get these donations? Once a month on a Sunday we stand at the entrance of the Brookdale Shoprite asking shoppers entering the store to buy one or two extra non-perishable items which we collect as exit the store. We hand out flyers explaining who we are and what our mission is with a suggestion of the most needed food items; rice, cereal, baby food, tuna fish, canned vegetables, etc. We never solicit for money. People are always in a hurry, but once they know we are asking for food donations and not money they stop to hear what we have to say. Lots of people give a can or two of food, but others give us much much more; a bag or 2 of food. The generosity of our neighbors is overwhelming.

Without our unselfish volunteers we wouldn’t be able to continue with this Tikkun Olam program. On Sunday, April 17, with help from Emily Appelbaum, Ella Fine, Jeff Fine, Amy Friedman, Sehaye Luks, Harvey Morginstin, Jeff Plaut, Fred Pressman, Daniel Rosenblum, Naomi Serlen, and Olivia Williams we collected more than 300 bags of groceries. We usually deliver these groceries using a rented panel truck, but not this week. Under the command of our very own, Captain and Skipper Harvey Morginstin and his trusty skiff, the USS Boatload, we delivered our overflowing cargo to the Human Needs Food Pantry. Thanks to all.

This is a perfect Tikkun Olam opportunity for the entire family, shoppers have responded very favorably to children giving out fliers. Help us repair the world. Meet other like-minded Ner Tamid members. Our next food collection is on Sunday, May 15. Please contact Jeff Plaut at jplaut@globalstrategygroup.com, we’d like to see some new faces.

See us in action here.

Temple Ner Tamid's Amazon Store

Temple Ner Tamid has its own new Amazon.com store featuring favorite books and DVDs of Rabbi Kushner, Cantor Greenberg and fellow Temple members. 

Shopping via Ner Tamid's Amazon store won't cost you anything extra, but it does allow Temple Ner Tamid to earn about 6% from most purchases. You can purchase the books and DVDs recommended by clergy, staff, and fellow members or other items on Amazon.com that may not be featured on Temple Ner Tamid's Amazon store. All of your Amazon shopping benefits Temple Ner Tamid

Please click on the link below to access Amazon.com and then after shopping, proceed to the checkout. Ner Tamid's commission will be credited automatically.