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Refugee Resettlement Efforts and Support Needed: URGENT ACTION NEEDED

Most of you know that Temple Ner Tamid has partnered with the Park United Methodist Church and the Glen Ridge Congregational Church to form the Greater Bloomfield Interfaith Partnership. It is an organization of communities and individuals working for justice, compassion, and peace in the greater Bloomfield area and the surrounding world. At the moment our most urgent focus is assisting our partners at Church World Services (CWS), one of nine organizations contracted with the US State Department to bring in refugees, in resettling properly vetted, screened and approved displaced/refugee families in our area.

At present, we have been informed that an Afghani family of four, mother, father, 14-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son will be arriving on December 12. We are in the process of locating an apartment in the Clifton, Paterson area and are in need of the items listed below to set it up. We are also asking for funds to help provide for additional expenses and possible rents beyond the three months that the government provides each family that is being resettled. Each congregation has a goal to raise $2,000.

The need is urgent: the family will be arriving in less than 2 weeks. We also expect a large influx of other refugees over the next 2 months, in light of the uncertainty of future refugee resettlement, particularly from areas of the most serious dislocation such as Syria, Afghanistan and Sub-Saharan Africa, under the new administration.

Due to generous donations for the previous family we aided, we have many of the large furniture pieces needed. 

The following items are still needed:

  • New Queen size mattress and box spring (we already have the bed frame)
  • Mattress covers for the Queen mattress and two twin mattresses
  • Bed linens for all 3 beds (Queen and two twins) including blankets, pillows, and pillow cases
  • Alarm clocks (2)
  • Bath towels
  • Shower curtain and curtain rings
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrushes & paste, etc.)
  • Window curtain tension bars and curtains or shades
  • Kitchen linens (towels, washcloths)
  • A set of 4 dishes, as well as cups & mugs for 4
  • Paper goods (paper towels, tissues, TP)
  • Cleaning supplies (buckets, mops, Swiffer’s, wastebaskets, trash bags, etc.

We will accept donations of these items on Saturday, December 3, 9 am to 1 pm, at the Park Methodist Church Mission House, 45 State Street, Bloomfield (behind the church), and again on Sunday, December 4, 1 pm to 3 pm at Temple Ner Tamid, 936 Broad Street, Bloomfield.

We are in need of volunteers to help on these two days to accept donations and to help organize these furnishings for the movers to move everything the following week.

Financial donations are also urgently needed. Checks should be made out to Temple Ner Tamid and marked in the note ‘For Refugee Resettlement’. Donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted on behalf of these families.

We also looking for volunteers to help accept donations and help with setting up the apartment.

Thank you for considering this appeal and for any support you can provide. 

Please contact Amy Winkelman, Project Coordinator at (973) 902-3700 or Fred Pressman, Project Co-Coordinator at   (845) 325-3224.

Hospital Work on December 24 and 25

Temple membership is once again being asked to volunteer at Clara Maass Hospital in Belleville. As in previous years, help is needed for about two hours to allow hospital staff and other year-round volunteers some time off to enjoy their Christmas holiday. Tasks include greeting visitors, issuing visitor passes at the front desk, answering the telephone, and other requests such as running errands for staff and delivering newspapers. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with other members of our Temple family and is time well spent. If you would like to volunteer please contact Harvey Morginstin at 973-338-6408 or hayimm@gmail.com. Please be sure to leave a message and your telephone number. 

Purimspiel Auditions

Purimspiel 2017: On Sunday, December 4, starting at 1:00 pm, we will read through the script and hold auditions (actually, just sing a few numbers from the show) for this year's musical play celebrating how Queen Esther saved the Jews of Persia. Casting is open to all Temple members, including children seven or older. Singing and dancing abilities are a plus but hardly a requirement, as you'd know if you've seen past productions. Rehearsals are most Sundays between December 4 and March 11 when the Temple performance takes place. If you want to be in the cast, or even just to work on the play, but cannot be there Sunday afternoon, December 4, call Brian O'Reilly at (973) 746-0316. This is a nice opportunity for families or individuals and a great way to become more involved with Ner Tamid.

TNT Needs Your Participation in Focus Groups For Transition

The Rabbinic Transition Committee is conducting a series of small, informal focus groups about the Temple. We want to hear your opinions—what’s working and what’s not? Where do you see opportunities for growth or change? What is your vision for the future of TNT?

The sessions, which will take place in October - December, will run for two-hours and be conducted in Temple members' homes. The information provided will be confidential and no names will be used in the reports that are generated from these discussions.

If you're interested in participating, please click here. We'll get back to you soon with a date, time and location.

Tikkun Olam Volunteers - Join our Community in Service to Others

We need your help. We have a variety of Tikkun Olam projects, but not enough volunteers to man them all. Depending on what’s your passion we have a volunteer opportunity that’s just right for you. But, if by chance you don't see that one special project that tickles your fancy, we want to hear where you want to help “repair the world.” 

Here's the list of our current opportunities waiting for your special touch:

  • Bloomfield Café – Soup kitchen partnering with United Park Methodist Church (monthly)
  • Brookdale Shoprite – Collecting food donated for the Human Needs Food Pantry (monthly)
  • Blood Drive – Donate blood (semi-annually)
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network – House homeless families; parents and children, in need of shelter (1 week a year)
  • Christmas Holiday Hospital Assistance Program – Relieve hospital staffs who celebrates Christmas (Christmas Eve and day)
  • Temple Rummage Sale – Setup and sell donated clothes and household items (annually)
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Network – Assist elderly and infirm Bloomfield residents with simple home repair and cleanup (a couple of weekend days)

Any of these projects require just a couple of hours of your time, and you're never going to be doing them by yourself. It's a great opportunity for families who want to experience community service together, for students looking for mitzvah projects, or for congregants wanting to get to know one another a little better while enjoying a rich rewarding experience. The work isn't hard. You might be tired at the end of the day, but you'll feel great about what you've just accomplished. 

Maybe you're looking for a broader social action opportunity. You want to be involved in an activity that can change the future of a larger constituency which might not necessarily be local. If this is the case contact Lori Price Abrams, VP Tikkun Olam, loripriceabrams@gmail.com to discuss your idea. Get involved! Be a Tikkun Olam volunteer and help “repair the world.” Click here to download your volunteer form today!

Bloomfield Café Feeds the Hungry

Throughout the summer Ner Tamid’s members and friends have dedicated their time and energy in an effort to help those less fortunate. Beginning in the middle of last summer we have been preparing food for our homeless of Bloomfield and Montclair. On the fourth Sunday of every month we use the Park United Methodist Church of Bloomfield’s kitchen and dining room to prepare and serve the community’s homeless a nutrient meal which might be the only meal they have had in some time. Food insecurity is something most of us only read about, but for these men, women, and children face this reality every day. 

You don't have to be a master chef to volunteer. You can help set up and serve. At the end of the day you’ll feel something very special in helping others. Be a joiner. We'd love to see some new faces. You're only volunteering for a couple of hours of work.

Please contact Sharyn Mandell sharynknows@aol.com with any questions or to add your name to the list of volunteer to help.

Please click hear to read more about the wonderful efforts of amazing volunteers and Tikkun Olam Committee.

ShopRite Food Collection

For over more than two years Ner Tamid volunteers in partnership with Brookdale Shoprite collect food donations to help stock the shelves of the Human Needs Food Pantry. This food helps our neighbors who don’t, on a daily basis, have enough to eat. Brookdale Shoprite shoppers’ donations help the elderly, the disabled, the home-bound, the unemployed, and the underemployed working poor meet their family’s food needs. 

So how do we do get these donations? Once a month on a Sunday we stand at the entrance of the Brookdale Shoprite asking shoppers entering the store to buy one or two extra non-perishable items which we collect as exit the store. We hand out flyers explaining who we are and what our mission is with a suggestion of the most needed food items; rice, cereal, baby food, tuna fish, canned vegetables, etc. We never solicit for money. People are always in a hurry, but once they know we are asking for food donations and not money they stop to hear what we have to say. Lots of people give a can or two of food, but others give us much much more; a bag or 2 of food. The generosity of our neighbors is overwhelming.

This is a perfect Tikkun Olam opportunity for the entire family, shoppers have responded very favorably to children giving out fliers. Help us repair the world. Meet other like-minded Ner Tamid members. Please contact Jeff Plaut at jplaut@globalstrategygroup.com, we’d like to see some new faces.

Temple Ner Tamid's Amazon Store

Temple Ner Tamid has its own new Amazon.com store featuring favorite books and DVDs of Rabbi Kushner, Cantor Greenberg and fellow Temple members. 

Shopping via Ner Tamid's Amazon store won't cost you anything extra, but it does allow Temple Ner Tamid to earn about 6% from most purchases. You can purchase the books and DVDs recommended by clergy, staff, and fellow members or other items on Amazon.com that may not be featured on Temple Ner Tamid's Amazon store. All of your Amazon shopping benefits Temple Ner Tamid

Please click on the link below to access Amazon.com and then after shopping, proceed to the checkout. Ner Tamid's commission will be credited automatically.