Tot Shabbat

Saturday Morning Tot Shabbat

New this year - Saturday morning tot services! Join us on the second Saturday of each month (except for December 2017) at 9 am in the chapel. After, have a bagel and some juice and schmooze with other families. 

Click here and scroll down to Tot Shabbat tunes to listen to music used during our Tot Shabbat services.

Friday Night Tot Shabbat

We will continue to hold wonderful, family-friendly Tot services with potluck dinners on the first Friday night of each month beginning at 6 pm. Friday night Tot Shabbat services will start in November. 

Tot Shabbat Morning Worship Guidelines

Thank you so much for taking on the leadership of our young families Shabbat morning worship service. Below you will find suggestions of prayers, songs, and other tools you can use to lead our families in our 30 minute Shabbat morning worship experience on the second Saturday morning of each month.

Remember that the key to inspiring young children and their parents is to be authentic and genuine in your approach. Feel free to use melodies that feel most comfortable to you, and to lead from the heart.

You can find MP3 files of many of these songs on our website under our media page.

1. Welcoming/Opening tune:
Halelu - many versions, Hine Ma Tov, Bim Bam, etc.
(everyone can use hand precision instruments on this which are located in the Temple's office.

2. Morning prayer: Moda/Modeh Ani

3. Ma Tovu/ Under The Tent
You can use our giant tallit located in our main office in the bottom of the file cabinet outside of the Cantor's office.

4. Interactive song…
These songs are to encourage participation through eliciting "answers" from parents and children. Options: The Dinosaur Song, Modim Anachnu Lach/We Thank You, Ma Nishma/How Are You

5. Taking out the Torah: Make sure the stuffed Torahs are placed in the ark before you start services.

  • Contact Arlene Sherman, our preschool director for help with that.
  • Singing while the Torah is taken out and danced with: Torah Tzivalanu Moshe, Al Shlosha, D'varim, Torah Orah, or any other Torah songs/prayers you know.
  • Let every child have a chance to dance with the Torah, taking turns if necessary.
  • An adult can hold an actual Torah as well.

6. Singing of the Shema…
We often use the traditional Melody by Solomon Saltzer while using hand motions to sign the ideas of this text. Cantor Meredith is happy to teach you these. There are also many other lovely melodies that can be found. Feel free to use the one that moves you the most.

7. Putting the Torah away: After every Torah is put back, close the Ark and sing Etz Chayim Hi- Hebrew and English.

8. Story time: one improvised story or a story from a book works well. Tie in themes for the holiday that will occur that month or with the Torah portion of that week. 

This link from PJ Library gives great suggestions and most of these books can be found in Arlene Sherman’s library at The Temple, just ask!

9. Siyyum/Finish up: a special song for the upcoming holiday is a nice way to finish. Another option is to finish with a prayer for peace. Sim Shalom or Oseh Shalom- as they enter into the rest of Shabbat. Always feel free to ask Cantor Meredith for a suggestion

10. Final Brachot: Invite everyone to gather in the center for Kiddush and Motzi, forming a circle around the children holding the challah or a bagel is lovely. Make Kiddush (only through Borei p'ri hagafen) and Motzi.

 In my googling I came across these awesome websites with TONS of music to choose from.

B'hatzlacha • Good Luck!