A Message from the President

Hi! My name is Andi Robik and I am the President of Temple Ner Tamid. But more importantly, I am a member. Trustee, VP, President, Congregant….the title doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we are a community, coming together to share our Jewish lives. To worship together, have fun, and be there for each other.

Most people join a temple to be a part of a Jewish community. Yes, we need a building and programming to attract members of all ages. We have both of those things. Our biggest strength, however, is in our 460 or so families and our exceptional clergy and staff that teach us and enrich our lives. There is no way for me to describe the “ruach”, or spirit inherent in our culture. I encourage you to come to a Tot Shabbat on the first Friday night of the month, laugh with our talented members in a Purimspiel (or be in it), and join us for a Passover Seder, havdallah café, Simchat Torah celebration, or joyous Friday night service.  I am confident you will see for yourself what I mean.

Our focus this year is on creating and strengthening relationships within our membership. A recent study done internally illustrated that people want to feel more connected. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways with various methods of communication. A few new ideas being developed are quarterly webinars titled “TNT Live” to bring members up to date on what’s happening, a chavurah program to engage members with other families with like interests in small groups, mentors for new members, more and better food at onegs and following Shabbat morning services, and increased involvement at the committee level.

I read that you can judge the success of a program not by the number of people who came, but by the number of people and amount of time spent “schmoozing” AFTER the event. This makes so much sense! For the past 17 years, my husband Scott, my 3 children and I have found a home here because of the people we have met and the relationships we have formed. Sometimes you do want to go, to quote a famous song, “where everybody knows your name”. 

I hope to see you soon. And I mean that!

Executive Board

Andi Robik, President
Kenneth Cohen, First Vice President
Brian O'Reilly, VP for Education
Josh Katz, VP for House & Adminstration
Lisa Korn, VP for Membership
Sarah Larson & Jamie Bedrin, VP for Early Childhood
Matthew Schifrin, VP for Communication/Secretary
Fred Pressman, VP for Religious Living
Lori Price Abrams, VP for Tikkun Olam
Nina Tucker, VP for Planning & Development
Alan Isaacs, VP for Finance 

Board of Trustees

3 Year Trustees
Beryl Leffler
Oliver Miede
Dan Rivlin
Lisa Russman
Peri Smilow
Karen Yourish

2 Year Trustees
Zoe Behan
Lee Behlman
Peter Kaplan
Amy Karas Plaut
Robert Perris
Lisa Westreich 

1 Year Trustees
Phyllis Berman
Deb Horn
Robert Rich
Amy Friedman
Nancy Friedman
Eric Berlin